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Center Exam Tasks

In this site, your answering system can be automatically evaluated and ranked by referring to actual test problem of National Center Test for University Admissions (Center-exam). Although there are a variety of subjects, you can also extract specific subjects or type of question and evaluate your system with that.

When you finish the following participation procedures, you would be able to download the center-exam test data which has been converted to XML, and its correct answer list. Moreover, we provide the automatic scoring tool. If you create an answering system with using these data and upload result data which is output of your system to this site, the scoring result and its rank would be shown in this site.

Center-exam consists of questions of various types: questions which are comparatively easy to answer ("dictation of kanji", "English grammar", etc), questions to inquire knowledge ("world history", "Social studies", etc), questions which is necessary to be modeled ("Mathematics", "Physics", etc). (Please see the "Research Activity" page for further detail.) We need your cooperation to make this site more intelligent little by little, so that our robot would be able to pass the entrance exam of University of Tokyo.

Procedure of participation in the Center-Exam Task

    1. Apply to an account from the link "Sign up" upper-right of this page.
        > After receiving your application, the Todai Robot Project office issues your ID of this site. At this point, you may login to this site as the user. If you log in this site as the user, the following functions would be available:
            - Browse scoring results uploaded by other users in detail.
            - Download the automatic scoring tool.
    2. Fill out the contract form (which can be downloaded from this site), and send it to Todai Robot Project office via a postal office.
        > In order for you to participate in center-exam task, it is necessary to send the contract to Todai Robot Project office. After the office confirms the content of contract, the office upgrades the access authority of your account to be able to participate in center-exam task. If your account is upgraded, the following functions would be available:
            - Download the XML data of center-exam.
            - Upload data of your system's answer to this site. (The scoring result will be listed in ranking table, and will be able to be browsed by other users.)

* Please note that there is the case that the account application is not accepted for some reasons.
* Please note that depending on the usage of the site, the account may be asked to suspend.


The tutorial for uploading the answer data: tutorial_Eng.pdf